Solutions to its technological needs

We are expert and perfecionistas at the time of contributing technological solutions creatively.

We create software like PHP via intelligent Web, thought for clients who want to arrive more far.

Design and development Web, consultancy, positioning advanced Web, intranets, etc… We helped to develop your business you with the cheap vps server hosting or other new technologies. Such as cheap dedicated server with cpanel that will let you control your own web. Or unlimited web hosting with cpanel that will help you and your website to grow bigger. Maybe, you can try to check for vps hosting company that provides you with the best plans.

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Agencies of publicity

We work with many agencies of publicity of Salamanca and the rest of Spain with our services of Hosting companies, design Web and positioning Web.

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Global it has of the technology and the knowledge to the implantation of electronic management systems to the diverse administrations.

We develop portals oriented to the ciudano, completely manageable by the administration in real time, by means of an explorer and a validation (or by usuary method and password or by means of electronic national identity document or digital certificate).

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In Global we offer true integral solutions for the company.

From corporative websites, to intranets outposts, happening through search engine optimization and campaigns of publicity in Social Networks, we developed tools so that the companies evolve and find in Internet an ally to offer better service to their clients.

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Through our clients we know the objectives, needs, restlessness, etc that have the Bunds, Foundations and Associations so that their associates have all the advantages that Internet offers; With those characteristics we realised developments Web that fulfill the needs of these organisms, causing that works of more effective form.

Design Web and Intranets, is some of the services that they contract to us.

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It asks for budget without commitment

You do not doubt in soliciing estimated for your project Web from us.

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