Marketing in Social Networks

It trusts professionals in Marketing in Social Networks of your company. A Community Manager will increase the traffic of your Web.

Marketing in social networks or social marketing also is known as SMM (Social Media Marketing). The strategies of social marketing allow the companies to obtain excellent traffic, of quality and highly segmented of the more popular social networks in Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.)

At the moment the users have needs and the companies the services or products necessary to satisfy them, and the form to be, are the social networks.

Advantages of marketing in social networks for your business?

  • To increase to the knowledge of the brand, product or offered service.
  • When obtaining a community of Fans or followers, these will become the main evangelist prescribers and of products and services that are offered between the community.
  • Majors possibilities of sale to the being found more easily by the users who require our products, because at present, the navigators request advice and opinions through this mass media.
  • They will allow to receive opinions and suggestions of the followers, which, will allow to improve and to continue growing agreed the needs of the users or clients, offering to them a better product or service.
  • The main advantage of the social networks is the loyalty of clients, because they will be best the evangelist ones of the brand.



How we do it? What Average Social strategy we followed?

  • High in the main social networks, as well as the pursuit, control and maintenance of the campaigns.
  • Optimization of profiles introducing excellent information basing us on the optimal key words for your business, product or service.
  • Generation of contents of quality, clear and descriptive to bring about the restlessness in the users, being animated to interact, to share and to comment contents.
  • Creation and management of events, announcements, etc. to attract more visits.
  • Publication of videos and images optimized with the titles and descriptions adapted in social means appointed this type of contents.
  • Management of the reputation online (ORM), managing at any moment what is shelp and where on our brand, company, product or service, acting as mediators.
  • Fidelizar clients and followers.
  • Analytical integration of tools of in the social networks making the monthly pursuit of the campaign of social marketing and measurement of the results, emitting information to our clients on the situation and evolution of the conducted battles.


It increases the visibility of your company thanks to Marketing in Social Networks


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