Repositorios of information to which they add multitude of functionalities with the intention to facilitate the production of the work groups or companies.

Through the network, a same way of work, a same place where to find the necessary information for the daily work, with access restricted to the users of the company. We develop your Intranet to size and we personalized it to your pleasure.

It assures a greater efficiency in knowledge management and the communication, when reducing considerably the costs and the terms. And it allows to establish different levels from access from the information based on positions, level of responsibility, etc.



It develops its Intranet/Extranet with Global.

We took to 20 years developing solutions Web for companies! 

  • Surroundings of safe work
  • Different users and user groups with different permissions
  • Fast ROI (Return of the investment)
  • Interface nice and simple to use
  • Access by means of an explorer and user and password.

We have worked for many sectors, contact to us and we will advise to him to work together and to help him in his processes

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It asks for budget without commitment

You do not doubt in soliciing estimated for your project Web from us.

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