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Amazon Product Photo Editing – Grow Up Your Amazon Product Sales

There are 2.4 million active Amazon sellers worldwide. It’s a lot of competition, and it can make it difficult to stand in one of the most populous marketplaces in the world. Amazon product photo editing is most important for growing business. Free e-commerce and product photography tips submit to get free e-commerce and product photography tips but you have to know how to stand out, a key element of your Amazon listing is imagery, and when it comes to optimizing photos of your products, you need to think about the context in which they are viewed.

Images of Amazon products not only appear on your main product page but also appear in search result shots as thumbnails. Learn how to optimize your Amazon product images with some creative flair to drive conversions.

Important Tips for Amazon Product Photo Editing

1. Follow the technical Amazon photo requirements

2. Assign image priority to the product page

3. Follow Amazon’s standards for high-quality photos

4. Remember the offer level photos

5. Use pictures of different products

6. Think full-frame 

7. Provide important information 

1. Follow the technical Amazon photo requirements

When setting up new product pages or grading existing listings, you need to meet the Amazon images guide and related technical requirements. If you do not, Amazon will not accept your list and pictures even if you have pictures of the best products.

 Take a look at the Amazon product image requirements at a glance below, but keep in mind that it’s always best to check their site for the most up-to-date information and Amazon policy.

Image size: Your Amazon image size should be at least 1000 pixels wide or longer and 1600 pixels on the longest side. You can’t your image bigger than 10,000 pixels on the longest side.

Photo frame: The product should fill 85% of the frame or more.

Background color: All product photos should have a pure white background.

File format: You can upload JPEG, PNG, GTF, or TIFF files. Amazon likes JPEG

Color mode: Both sRGB and CMYK are accepted.

Note the other Amazon product image requirements: 

Filename: The file name must include the product identifier (this is your Amazon ASIN, JAN, EAN, 13-digit. ISBN or UPC). Next, duration and a file extension (see the accepted file types listed above). For example, 1234567890123.tif or 987654321, jpg. You cannot include dashes, spaces, or other characters in the file name.  

Design: You may not include any text, borders, logos, mannequins, inset images, logos, mannequins, inset images, omitted items, letters, or watermarks in your images, if you have one ready, you can learn how to do an edit or hire our ghost mannequin photo editing service so that we can do something for you.

Don’t let the idea of editing a ghost mannequin scare you. We can help in this case, ask us how

There are additional resources here from Amazon:

Product image requirements 

Seller central: Prepare product pictures 

Amazon Product Photo editing: What should be the images?

Your Amazon image size should be at least 1000 pixels long or at least 1600 pixels wide or wide. You cannot return 10,000. If your images are too large, you can resize them without sacrificing quality.

How many list pictures can you upload to Amazon?

You can upload pictures of one major product and eight supporting products to the Amazon listing.

What are the Amazon photo requirements for a photo other than the main first photo?

Amazon requires the main images it does for the complete images. However, these sports should be used to show your product from different angles, contextually, and differently than the original image. Be sure to follow the Amazon product image guide for all your photos.

2. Assign image priority to the product page

Amazon gives you images of a major product and up to eight additional sports, but it’s up to you to prioritize the images in the order you want them to display. It is a good idea to use all these available slots instead of just two or three pictures.

Doing so helps each online retailer overcome a dilemma they face: not being able to keep the product in the customer’s hands. “Photos of your product,” said Leslie Termuhlen, jungle Scout’s media relations co-coordinator. Play with which ones. Show as many angles as possible. Try to imagine which corner buyers will personally check and then copy it. 

Once you’ve uploaded your photos, you’ll want to prioritize and determine how each image will appear on the page. This process determines the order of your images, so they are displayed in the correct order in the Amazon Product search results as well as on your product pages. Consider arranging images so that customers feel the product (through the image) in a logical way. 

Check out the example below from Loisa, who sells Latin flavored spices and seasonings through their e-commerce store and Amazon in addition to the simple white background shorts, they angle the seasoning bottle so that customers can see part of the list of ingredients. They display the product outside of its packaging so that buyers can imagine cooking with it in real life.

3. Follow Amazon’s standards for high-quality photos

Using high-quality images for main and child SKU images is especially important for sales conversions and more clicks, but they are also part of Amazon’s non-technical standards. These Amazon product image requirements are:

Using real pictures: The picture must be a natural picture (or cover art, as in the case of music or books.) Drawing vectors and images, as well as additional inset images, animated GIF graphics, or text overlays, will not be accepted. (Note that a static GIF is acceptable.)

Keep it simple: anything within the frame that is not directly related to the product risks confusing the potential buyer. Remove this from your Amazon product image.

Note for quality: you should have a high-resolution quality resolution for the image. Use sharp and well-illuminated product photos that look real agreeable. Pay close attention to how the colors look after the shot because you don’t want to be an unpleasantly surprised customer.

Be fit: Pornographic or offensive messages are banned from Amazon, so you’ll want to remove anything potentially risky from shots. We’ve got a tutorial to help you get rid of unwanted elements in Photoshop, Photomerge GIMP

Beyond complying with the requirements of Amazon product photography, high-quality images will enliven your products for buyers who can see them through just one skin. Some companies can shoot their product photos but there is a price to hiring a professional product photographer.

4. Remember the offer level photos

If you sell used or modified products, an “offer level” or “listing photo” is allowed on your product pages. This image appears on Amazon’s offer list page, which helps customers differentiate your offer. To add your images, access your Amazon simple temple. Map the area called “main offer image” and “offer image”.

5. Use pictures of different products

You can post up to seven photos (one main photo and 6 extra) so use them to your advantage (and help the customer make a conscious decision). Give customers a detailed view of the items from all perspectives. You could cost potential customers by not showing the product aspects in detail. You may want to shoot your product from different angles, if you are sure what your particular product is, go to an actual retail store and see how they interact with the product around your home. Stay and pick them up as if they were displayed in-store. For example, the interior of handbags and wallets is often photographed because it has important features that will interest customers.

6. Think full-frame

It’s easy to focus on the subject of your photo and lose sight of the whole frame. But it is very important to pay attention to the edges and the shots of your photo. You want to fill the frame but avoid cutting the content of your photo. 

“Make sure the product takes up as much space as possible,” Baron said. Many people have too much white space in their photos which makes their products look small in search results. You want to make your product as big as possible so that it is easy to target.

7. Provide important information

In addition to showcasing your product, you can use Amazon product images to share important information about the item. If it’s a multi-pack, include a small icon overlay that says 10 packs of whatever it is, Baron says. Call the dimensions and features to focus on what makes your product unique. 

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