Geolocalización + Marketing online = SMEs in growth

By Global / Wednesday, 17 October 2012 /
Geolocalización + Marketing online = SMEs in growth

To speak of local businesses today, is to speak of SMEs in Internet. All we know the form in which that one traditional businessman leaves the office and the fastenings of the system and is sent with his own undertaking.

Who or who less we have had the privilege more to know those entrepreneurs, micro enterprising at first that, betting by the new model, resources (monetary and emotional) to the putting in scene of their brand in the network destined, opening new channels, new opportunities and new forms to make company.

The SMEs have found an ally in the social networks, the marketing and the exhibition of their actions and strategies in the network. They know that at the present time, nor so at least it is an option to stay outside the network because… they are the clients there, there is the competition, there are our friendly, relatives, met… if we are company we must be in the networks.

To take advantage of the technology to raise our capacities and virtues, begins to be outlined as the only way towards the development in a context of economic and social chaos that makes stagger the foundations of all the well-known. We must be enterprising!

We must be able to connect societies with needs, the suppliers of answers and to do it efficiently, taking advantage of the location, the segmentation, the metric ones, the tools, the platforms, the strategies… Geolocalización, the great ally of the SMEs.

We do not have to forget in addition that, we advanced more and more towards the integration of the movable Web as a continuation of the human being. It will be through tablets and movable devices that the consumers conform their new form of life in the network and the real world, more and more fused.

The Geolocalización contributes undeniable advantages when it is associated to the marketing strategies online but, mainly, when it is associated to the delivery of unique experiences, personal and centered in the satisfaction of real needs.

Geolocalización allows us, in association with marketing, to advance towards new phase of what you are doing… arriving at culture in that to share in addition, where you are, what you do and which is your opinion, are the variables that define the “experience of the consumer?.

But… which under the advantages that the Geolocalización gives to us?

  • The SMEs are located in the present map of the businesses online
  • The metric ones that is obtained concentrate in híper segmentation of the consumer which allows to know it better
  • Movable marketing is a segment with strong projections of growth• What they need, they are going it to you to say
  • To take advantage of the advantages the Geolocalización allows to optimize the resources available, to increase the manoeuvre margins and to open new channels to the development.

As long as you give the experiences that to you your clients request… making the things good… Geolocalización + Marketing online = SMEs in growth.



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