Frequent questions (FAQs)

That we needed to begin?

Call us to 923 27 18 15 or send a mail to us to and we will put ourselves in touch to see all the details

Because with us its project Web will be successful?

So that for more than 19 years we have developed to many projects of design Web and development Web, which has made us generate a methodology and a knowledge that we applied in each of our works

I would like to know that your services of Internet cost. That costs the design Web? That costs the development of an Intranet?

The majority of the services that we offer is totally personalizables for each client, so if it wishes it, we can advise envelope to him who more is suitable for its project Web to him and thus to help him to be successful in their company.

What knowledge I need to update my webpage by means of his developments?

If it has sailed by Internet already has the knowledge to administer the news, products, etc of its webpage. Intranets that we developed to manage their website is practical, powerful and simple to use. Without superfluous options that make complicated their management, we programmed simple systems and with a very high level of usability

What means “search engine optimization??

It consists of obtaining that its webpage is in the first results of the finders for one or several criteria search when a user realises a search. This type on watch denominates “natural Positioning? or SEO

They can advise to me on my needs in Internet?

Indeed, we counted on an equipment with more than 19 years of experience in the sector of Internet, that will advise to him in each their steps, from designing a new Web, to creating one extranet for their clients, happening to realise backup online of his more important data. It can count on Global for his services of Internet

Which are the advantages to obtain a superb presence in Internet?

It allows to arrive at a new market, being caught new clients.

  • Its website, preparation to take care of its clients and suppliers 24 hours, 365 days
  • It allows to interact between his company and its clients - the Web allows very fast, economic and effective campaigns of marketing
  • Their clients will find all type of information of their company
  • He widely improves the image of his business. A good presence in Internet contributes prestige to its company.
  • It offers to him to his company, the enterprise advantages of the great companies and corporations
  • Greater productivity (more clients taken care of, new clients, etc).
  • It fideliza to our clients.

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It asks for budget without commitment

You do not doubt in soliciing estimated for your project Web from us.

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