It is marketing in social networks efficient?

By Global / Wednesday, 03 October 2012 /
It is marketing in social networks efficient?

Today we advanced by a model in which the tools, the resources, the applications… the benefits derived from the technological revolution by which we journeyed, are put to the service of the human beings opening a new world to us of viable opportunities and efficient, yes and only yes we are able to demonstrate that we accepted, we internalised and we shaped in our strategies of marketing, the great requirements that impose to us today, the new model of businesses.

  • To make the things well
  • To only spend what we needed
  • To generate to integrate to us
  • To relate to us
  • To work in equipment
  • The client is most important

We cannot construct brand if we are not able to accept that the power today the people have it who accede frees and uninterruptedly to a information that travels she frees and that has allowed to modify all the paradigms associated to the communication.

We cannot construct a brand from the automatization of the networks because the new technologies are put to our service to give quality, humanisation and commitment and for it, we we must be able to create networks, tangible and real.

A brand that starts up a centered strategy of social marketing in the elaboration of contents of high impact which they will propagate automatically by the networks without the “human hand? mediates is not a good strategy of social marketing because without the man, there is no marketing, because without interaction and it listens is no impact and because without networks, there is no visibility, it influences, promotion, knowledge, development and innovation.

The social networks tell us, “marketing so that he is efficient must hit in the emotions?, I do not know no brand with automated messages in the networks that can boast of to have constructed a horizontal network of growth.

To construct a social company today is a life form, we must be able to adapt our chip, to change the order of our needs and to think uninterruptedly about, how I can satisfy to the other.

Marketing in social networks is synonymous of attention, relation, listens, integration, formation, relations…

More and more the brands take brings back to consciousness of the meaning of híper specialization and how this one, is the nexus that ties to the company and its message with his target and its needs.

Twitter, Facebook, Gooble+, Pinterest… are giant of the social average, have demonstrated whichever efficient resources to us make our available to make company and be active part of the new formative and productive model, of the new social order. Although to be able to take advantage of it, the certainty and the enthusiastic work, they are a slogan.

It is marketing in social networks efficient? The social networks are efficient platforms to optimize marketing today but… marketing, are the people, integrated individual talents in equipment that looks for as common goal the satisfaction of the other people's needs.


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