Shipment of newsletter

Our shipment of newsletter is of more advancing of the market, we indicated some of the advantages of its use here. Constantly we are improving it to offer every day a better product.

Emails with dynamic content

It includes the name of the adressee and personalizes the mail, increasing therefore the effectiveness of the same.

Post office of test

It will be able to send test post office to correct possible errors before sending to his clients and thus to verify his configuration.

Detection of problems in post office

It will be able to detect what post office have been given back or rejected or which have been going to stop to folders of mail nonwished.

Gallery of groups

We understand the complicated thing that it can turn out to design his post office and it is by which OneYearForSale offers to all clients but of 140 designs in built-in HTML/CSS so that they can adapt them to his necessity.


It creates his contacts being based on numerous fields, following if she is an independent person or a company.


It will be able to create mails of autorespuesta for users who register to his newsletter, therefore the image occurs to be the 24 hours of the day offering service. They are possible to be assigned multiple autoresponders to a same list and to filter the shipments.

Emails designs his

It creates the mail totally as you wish with the edition tools that are included or exporting his own code.

Creation of lists of contacts

It creates lists of contacts, to make the still more easy shipment.

To terminate

Easily you will be able to insert a link so that the user terminates himself if he wishes it. To show the possibility of terminating itself is required by the law in the majority of the countries. In addition, all the requests are processed automatically so that you, and also your users, do not have to put of your part.

Ease of use

Technical knowledge are not needed

Publisher WYSIWYG

Text creation Word type with a publisher WYSIWYG. In addition, you can insert images, add to links and more functions.

Selection of adressees

It chooses to your group of adressees for determined emails

It optimizes his campaigns

Analyzing the results of his post office already sent it will be able to optimize his campaigns, for example, seeing what day newsletters is the best one to send his, what days more are read, etc. All this through the previous reports and statistics.

It concerns his file or data base

Amount to OneYearForSale the contacts that already it has in his data base.


The program creates a file RSS of his automatically mails sent, doing easier showing it in its Web or any place that has supported RSS.


The program realises some statistical quantitative and qualitative from mails sent in which it will be able to see the effectiveness of the same: if or they are read, how many they have been received and when, which have obtained a positive answer, who clicked in some connection, etc. Also cannot see statistics of given back post office and why, with what message of error, etc. The data can be seen in a bar chart or as a table of data and can choose a time rank to analyze (the last week, the last month, etc.). Its equipment of sales can take a pursuit of the people who have shown interest (for example, of which they have opened a connection) and maintain the contact with them. Each user has access to his own statistics. To evaluate the impact of his mails, from the date of the shipment, will allow him to improve its following mails or campaigns of marketing.

Details of contact

It can insert the information of contact of his company on the foot of each e-mail that it sends. This help to the subscribers to remember who you are and why they are in his list and, thus, the possibilities are reduced of being marked as Spam.

To raise or to concern content

Aside from using publisher WYSIWYG, it can load his present campaign of e-mail that it has in his computer or concern one from a webpage.


It can consult texts of help for any doubt.

Applicable design

It verifies the compatibility of his designs with the main types of e-mail managers (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, etc.). Making sure that their clients visualized of the best way his emails.

To validate mail

When he is going to send his campaign, he will be able to validate the mail and to see if he fulfills the rules for, this way, not to be catalogued as Spam. Also he will be able to see the compatibility with the mail of the client. The mail is analyzed to know the keywords and the Spam report shows what you need to change to assure that the mail is given to the greater amount of subscribers.

Suggestions of optimization

Advice and tricks so that their campaign is the correct one before sending it.

Connections within the email

The system of connections allows him to more down insert links of a part from the mail to another one.

Multiple shipment

It sends without problems to infinite lists of contacts

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It asks for budget without commitment

You do not doubt in soliciing estimated for your project Web from us.

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