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OneYearForSale is a company created in year 2,000 in the sector of the new technologies.

From the beginning we wanted to concentrate to the 100% in services of Internet, since we considered that to be competitive, the main thing is the knowledge and the specialization.

From our beginnings we have worked for companies, individuals, administrations, NGO, etc., having transmitted our experience in the technological services that we offer



We take care of our clients from the beginning, realising workings of technological consultancy, helping to choose its services of lodging, election of the domain name, until developing its campaigns of marketing online with the maximum effectiveness and securing a fast return of the investment (ROI)

We are a group of professionals, between designer, system adiniatrators, programmers, who we worked in group to take the projects of our clients to good aim.

Our guarantee is the one of many years of dedication and the confidence of our clients.

Our professionalism guarantees the quality of our works. We always have present that the majority of our clients is our better publicity.

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It asks for budget without commitment

You do not doubt in soliciing estimated for your project Web from us.

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