4 Keys to understand marketing online of the future

By Global / Wednesday, 10 October 2012 /
4 Keys to understand marketing online of the future

Added value, videos, images… and professionals.

1. - The content that great one… avalanche? In search of the added value

The slogan “the content is the king? is supposing a shift of paradigm of great magnitude for the salesmen. The production of contents is not realised to the same rate that the growth of our brand.

It begins to be necessary to adopt strategies that contribute added value and that give rise to the content their of efficiency.

Marketing online and the marketing of contents will have to walk of the hand with tools that help us to filter and to organize contended ours so that they give unique experiences. In the future of digital marketing the content it continues being the king but, becomes imperative search innovating forms to elaborate strategies that emphasize our content name brand, within a ferociously competitive universe.

2. - Videos, great allies of the positioning

Google already indexes audio-visual content and for it, obvious it demands to us that we give it optimized. The use of key words, the URL customized and the use of specific tools that allow to attract users towards specific connections, marks to the tendencies of the content in format video. Indispensable in the strategies of movable marketing!

3. - The image… more and more in rise

To speak of the marketing online of the future and speaking of images is today indivisible. It is not necessary more to analyze the success, welcome and penetration of Pinterest, the social network of the images and the experiences, to give account us that the future of the publicity is in the images and that the content by which we must journey in this one process of integration of movable Web, is not without the presence of the image and the video as revitalising accessories and elements. Added Value!

4. - The new professional

The market studies are many that help us to identify the keys that lock up the secrets of the “understanding and the knowledge of the incentive? This takes to us to reflect on the new citizen, the new professional, the new producer and consumer… take to think to us about the constant changes of whom we are exposed and how, these changes, have located to us before a learning perramente, that gives more knowledge, more experiences and more talent us than to turn over to the service of the global growth of the network.

It is evident that, each tendency, each new tactics, locates to us before the always challenging concept of the “change? that along with the innovation, will allow to raise us the machine that takes to us towards the growth of our brand. Marketing online of the future, in each of our actions!


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